Blog Pick :: Shopping Days in Retro Boston

Gilchrist's Department Store
By Rand Lemley, BArch Candidate

Newbury St. has been a popular destination for shoppers, domestic and international, for a decade at least. The retail rent is the third highest in the country behind only 5th Avenue and Rodeo Drive. However, Boston had a much different environment for shopping in the early 20th century. Department stores were king, with multi-story mazes of wares.

Shopping Days in Retro Boston is a blog that seeks to uncover the habitats for Boston shoppers in the early 1900's. The writer has found artifacts such as old charge coins, formed in unique shapes and used prior to the plastic cards we carry these days. He also writes about how the stores were organized, using photos and anecdotes to fill in the details. Visit the site to find out more about this niche of Boston's history.