Competition :: The Nature of Things

Registration Deadline: September 8, 2013

This edition’s theme 'The Nature of Things' is a study of the material and immaterial developments of interiors within a globalized reality. Public space is being transformed into an endless interior. The character of these interlinked and mostly commercial interior spaces -- where security, environmental control, and safety play a dominant role -- can be regarded to a certain extent as being undemocratic. For example, these semi-public spaces hardly allow for social inclusion and have little or no interaction or integration with the surrounding areas.

Additional to these global societal trends – under the influence of current economic conditions – themes such as repurposing, sustainability, re- and upcycling play an increasing role in shaping the physical interior. Demographic growth, industrialization and the consequent growth of consumerism are leading to a scarcity of natural resources.

The growing realization in today's society that we are confronted with the adverse impact of our presence on the earth is reflected in the design of our environment. It is therefore not surprising that design firms apply their talent to research 'the nature of things'.

Alongside their usual tools they apply the possibilities provided by new media and innovative technologies to their design practice. This all results in a revaluation of the local, a renewed interest in the relationship between the interior and the ‘natural’ elements, and the linking and productive use of existing waste streams.

This development also expresses itself in social processes such as co-creation and open source, and a reinterpretation of authenticity and craftsmanship.

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