iMacs in Room 402

Photo by Andrew Shelburne
The BAC now has new Apple iMacs in the open computer lab, Room 402!

The iMacs have partitioned hard drives, which means that students can choose to use Apple's latest operating system called Mountain Lion or they can use Windows 7. Students can select either operating system by holding down the Alt key on the keyboard while restarting the computer or turning the computer on for the first time.

The Windows side has all the typical architectural and design software found in Room 402 available; however using the Mac operating system offers a unique experience especially when using the Adobe Suite that should not be missed.

Some BAC students as well as architecture and design firms do use Mac computers and this is one of the reasons the Educational and IT Departments decided to diversify the type of computers available to students.

Stop by the lab and try the new iMacs! If you have any questions,stop by the Coder Lab in Room 403 and ask for Dave Hansen or Andrew Shelburne.