Studio/Workshop Lottery + Results :: Fall 2013

Fall 2013 BAC Studio & Workshop Lottery
Wednesday August 7, 2013 from 6-7:30 pm
320 Newbury Street, CAS Hall, 2nd Floor

Attending Studio Lottery is required for students taking Segment II studios (Core studios) or design workshops. Please note:
-Interior Design students do not participate.
-Architecture students taking A or B studios do not participate.
-Lottery results will be available online Thursday, August 8, 2013 by 12 noon.

What happens at Studio Lottery? 
Instructors briefly present their studios and workshops. Students then meet with instructors to determine what their top five choices are. Students complete forms and hand them directly to Kyle Sturgeon. The registrar will automatically register students for the assigned studio [if you completed mail-in registration]. Students should not try to drop the course and add another; they will be prevented from adding/changing studios.  You must contact
Kyle Sturgeon via e-mail to discuss any problems presented by the lottery selection.


How to choose a Core studio or Workshop?
Every architecture student is required to complete (4) Core studios and (1) Workshop in Segment II.  At least one studio must be a C1 and one must be a C2. C1 studios are focused on conceptual production as well as methodological approaches to design and argument, resulting in schematic design proposals.  C2 studios focus on building systems and material assemblies and result in a resolved building design proposal. It is strongly recommended that students entering Segment II should begin with a C1 studio. Graduate students may elect to take any studio section; while undergraduates may only take undergraduate studios. Students should balance what interests them with what they need to work on towards a complete portfolio submission.

How does the Lottery work?
Lottery is based on Segment II studio seniority. If a student has completed (3) Core Studios, then the student will likely get his/her first or second choice. If a student is taking the first C studio, then the student is not likely to get her first or second choice. After seniority, reasons written why a student wants to study with a particular instructor count – please include relevant information to this regard on your selection sheet. Make certain to say so on the lottery preference form. If a student wishes to study with a friend, this should also be included on the sheet.

Missed it?
If you are unable to attend the Fall 2013 Studio Lottery, please contact Director
Kyle Sturgeon for information on submitting your studio selections via email. All course descriptions for Segment II studios and workshops are available online through Self-Service.



C-1 Design Studios

CD101A Invisible Cities 3.0
Thursday 7:15-10:15 Pavia
1. Christopher Kirch
2. Corinne Spitzer
3. Daniel Lear
4. Fen Chen
5. Gregory Sweeney
6. Christopher Pennell
CD101B Bridging Cultures 3.0
Tuesday 7:15-10:15 Cody and O’Gorman
1. Michael Parenti
2. Jared Christensen
3. Poornima Balasubramanian
4. Jose Compres
5. Andrew Godek
6. James Simeone

CD101C Biomimicry: Termites vs Polar Bears 3.0
Thursday 7:15-10:15 Fritsch
1. Sean Walters
2. Christopher Caruso
3. Tiffany Sengillo
4. James Blattenberger
5. Michael Araujo
6. Jason Detwiler 
CD101F Equipping Walls 3.0
Monday 7:15-10:15 Pauer
1. John Poilucci
2. Vanessa Laub
3. Peter Hadden
4. Fernanda Dias Pinto
5. Elizabeth Hall

C-2 Design Studios                                                     

CD102A Long Studio Cuba 6.0 (shared with CD7102 A)
Monday/Thursday 5:30-10:00pm Montalvo and Pilling
1. Cory Mills
2. Mary Cummings
3. Robert Fitzsimmons
4. Jessica Tones
5. Camila Matho
6. Mandy Li
7. CD7102A slot
8. CD7102A slot
9. CD7102A slot
10. CD7102A slot
11. CD7102A slot
12. CD7102A slot
CD102B TAT Competition: Soft Living 3.0 (6 total)
Wednesday 7:15-10:15 Ramsdell and Chun
1. Brandon Watson
2. Brandon Haschig
3. Abigail Pleiss
4. Julianne Tavares
5. Ekaterina Emelyanova
6. CD7102F taken
CD102C Superheroes and Skyscrapers 3.0
Monday 7:15-10:15 Urrea and Yeager
1. Terry McCarthy
2. Matthew Langis
3. Pavel Regus
4. Jason Weldon
5. David Morgan
6. Saidahkhon Akhmedova
CD102D Organicism 3.0
Tuesday 7:15-10:15 Hinckley
1. Kevin Anderson
2. Gerardo Ruiz-King
3. Aaron Tetzlaff
4. Antoinette Marcoux
5. Nick Schwertschlag
6. Peter Gruhn
CD102F Sliver of Green 3.0
Thursday 7:15-10:15 Russell
1. Christopher Raichle
2. Josh Castellano
3. Edward Vaughn
4. Anna Mezheritskaya
5. Christopher Moniz
6. Alinsan Esteves
7. Matthew Richardson
C-1 Masters Design Studios
CD7101A Derailed 3.0
Tuesday 7:15-10:15 Cramer-Greenbaum
1. Timothy O’Donnell
2. Carla Edmonds
3. Dawn Scheidt
4. Jay Underwood
5. Michelle Ungar
CD7101B Ripple Effect: Sea Level Rise 3.0
Tuesday 4:00-7:00 O’Rourke and Chase
1. Anahita Kianous (MLA)
2. Risa Ishihara
3. Elizabeth Sayer
4. Callum Davies
5. Kushal Karmacharya
CD7101C Thinking Inside the Box 3.0
Wednesday 7:15-10:15 Perrin and Hoin
1. Scott Woodward
2. Angeline Focht
3. Dan Wilder
4. Mark D’Urso
5. Shane O’Brien
6. Patricia Rosario
CD7101D Designed Adjacencies 3.0
Monday 7:15-10:15 Dharwadker
1. Aysegul Mutluay
2. Luis Rodriguez
3. Edward DeBlieck
4. Nicholas Joelli
5. Daliana Zapata-Arroyo
CD7101E Open Architectures 3.0
Monday 4:00-7:00 Vardouli
1. Rita Doummar
2. Shaun Clifford
3. Chen Xia
4. Laura Santana Romero
5. Oscar Anderson
CD7101F Urban Networks 3.0
C-2 Masters Design Studios                                                    
CD7102A Long Studio Cuba 6.0 (shared with CD102 A)
Monday/Thursday 5:30-10:00pm Montalvo and Pilling
1. Nipa Shah
2. Alex Ho
3. Christopher Dunn
4. Jeremy Garczynski
5. Kathryn Fiedler
6. Clara Calabro
7. CD102A slot
8. CD102A slot
9. CD102A slot
10. CD102A slot
11. CD102A slot
12. CD102A slot

1. Steve Stearns
CD7102B Fort Adams Studio 3.0 
Thursdays 7:15-10:15 Bowers
1. Blendi Kociu
2. Megan Rogoff
3. Lachlan MacKinnon
4. Arturo Lopez
5. Ina Kennedy
6. Steve Stearns
7. Bryson Iacoboni

CD7102C Uncertainty Principles 3.0
Thursday 7:15-10:15 Moses and Mitchell
1. Tessa Millard
2. Jeffrey Ryan
3. Carnie Armenian
4. Jana Belack
5. Sumath Sok
6. Ge Wang
CD7102D Spiritual Infill: Phoenix 3.0
Tuesday 7:15-10:15 Martin and Pfeufer
1. Alexandra Ion
2. Daniel Zeese
3. Wei Gao
4. Phillip Wright
5. Niusha Aghdaii
6. Utsavi Gadani
7. My Diep
CD7102E Situated Object 2 3.0
Thursday 7:15-10:15 Scelsa and Jack
1. Marc Theiss
2. Joseph Porter
3. Kirsten Soderlund
4. Katherine Wood
5. Victor Donaire
6. Thiti Yokyongsakul
CD7102F TAT Competition: Soft Living 3.0 (shared with CD102B)
Wednesday 7:15-10:15 Ramsdell and Chun
1. Christopher Prudhomme
2. CD7102F taken
3. CD7102F taken
4. CD7102F taken
5. CD7102F taken
6. CD7102F taken
CD105A Light/Space 3.0
Thursday 4:00-7:00 Mazon
1. Anne Matthias
2. Mandy Li
3. Christopher Pennell
4. Tiffany Sengillo
5. Philip Wright
6. John Cali
7. Jessica Tones
CD105B Material Digital 3.0
Wednesday 4:00-7:00 Nemes and Tofias
1. Abigail Pleiss
2. Adrian Michael
3. Wei Gao
4. Craig Souza
5. Edward Vaughn
6. Matthew Langis
7. Callum Davies
8. Victor Donaire
CD105C Placemaking 3.0
Monday 7:15-10:15 Tullis
1. Scott Woodward
2. Joseph Gibbons
3. Jason Weldon
4. Aaron Tetzlaff
CD105E Roadside Collage 3.0
Monday 4:00-7:00 Chip Piatti
1. Jeff Estes
2. Christopher Caruso
3. Julianne Tavares
4. Megan Lorenz
5. Antoinette Marcoux
6. Bryson Iacoboni
7. Raul Velandia
CD105F 50 Shades of Green 3.0
Tuesday 7:15-10:15 Shirley & Sturgeon
1. Jason Detwiler
2. Katherine Wood
3. James Nall
4. Anahita Kianous
5. Niusha Aghdaii
6. Anna Mezheritskaya
7. Andrew Heidebrecht