Blog Pick :: suckerPUNCH Daily

thinkTANK + the Life Aquatech, by DRL - Images from

By Ian Hester, BArch Candidate

Design is a field that changes rapidly, arguably even daily, so in order to keep up we need to stay abreast of new innovations and trends. One of the best resources for seeing work that pushes the limits of design is suckerPUNCH Daily.

Villa Mallorca Staircase, by Arup and Studio Mishin

In addition to images and descriptions of numerous Promethean projects, the blog includes great interviews with innovative designers as well as links to films and books on groundbreaking design.  The site also sponsors competitions with prizes of $2500 and publication.

Istanbul 2020: Culture and Sports Park, by Teoman Ayas

The format of suckerPUNCH is one of its greatest strengths.  While some design blogs post entire entries on their main page, forcing readers to scroll endlessly to find a project that they are interested in, this blog posts one image and a brief description for each entry to make it much faster to look through. The collapsible text and image links are great for design students who only have a few minutes to look at blogs every day.

terrai[n]: the speculative campus, by Cameron Newnham

The point of the blog is best stated by its editors, Nathan Hume and Abigail Coover of Hume Coover Studio: "We need to confront that which claims to be contemporary in an attempt to define the present." This is quite a complex process in design, which makes it even more important to keep in touch with the field through blogs like this.

Assembly One Pavilion at Yale School of Architecture, by Brennan Buck

The next time you are online, take two minutes to look at suckerPUNCH and see what new directions are being explored in design. It is a fast and easy way to be more informed about our field, and it is also a great place to find inspiration for projects.