Contest :: Looking Back, Stepping Forward

Submit by October 31, 2013

This is a search for stories. Stories of the inspirational buildings and spaces that support and help shape the lives of their occupants.

The contest, "Looking Back, Stepping Forward," challenges entrants to reflect on buildings and interior spaces that inspire them and address, in a two-minute video, the impact the building or space has had on their creativity and given the chance, how they might renovate or refresh it for the future.

As you know, architects and designers are charged with creating dynamic spaces that connect the purpose, values and objectives of an organization with its people. And though the future has a great deal to offer, inspiration is often drawn from the past. Through the contest, Tarkett wants to see how architects and designers (practicing or students) draw inspiration, what moves them and how they can build on the past to form a unique vision for the future.

The contest is now open for submissions. Videos must be no more than two minutes in length. Contestants will be asked to address some or all of the following in their videos:
-Overview of the building or space.
-What do you find inspirational about it?
-Who has used this space before and how?
-What role do you think the flooring played in the lives of those using the space?
-Who has walked these floors? How do you think this building will continue to affect its occupants in the future?
-If you could renovate or update this building in the future, what would your vision be?

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