Film Showing :: Citizen Architect

Film Showing :: Citizen Architect
Sunday September 15, 2013 at 4:30 pm
CAS Hall, 320 Newbury St, 2nd Floor

Citizen Architect: Samuel Mockbee and the Spirit of the Rural Studio is a documentary about Mockbee and his revolutionary Rural Studio program at Auburn University, in which students both design and build sustainable, low budget buildings that serve people of little means as well as entire communities.

The film focuses on the experiences of students in the program and the people whose lives have been changed by it.  In a world of architecture that dedicates so much time and energy to unrealized projects, the story of Mockbee and the Rural Studio is an inspirational reminder to think about people and communities, and what designers can contribute to them by employing sentience in their work.

This event is open to all BAC students, staff, and instructors. Free soda and popcorn will be served. Sponsored by Atelier.