Recap :: AIAS Firm Tour :: Wilson Architects

Photos by Steve Marcelin
By Steve Marcelin, BArch Candidate

On Friday September 27, 2013, a group of BAC students visited Wilson Architects, located at 374 Congress Street, Suite 400. 18 students attended the firm tour that was organized by AIAS.
According to their website, Wilson Architects' mission is "to create long lasting, sustainable, effective buildings for academic, research, corporate, and mixed uses."

Wilson Architects is a firm of 60 people that focuses on academic buildings, mainly laboratories. While there, we were greeted by Adam M. Ferris, Director of Digital Technology; Tim Scarlett, AIA, Associate Principal; and Kevin Triplett, AIA, LEED, AP-Associate. Adam stressed the importance of collaborative designs.

Kevin Triplett, Associate, talked about the successes and the challenges of the field and stated that as students of design we need to be attentive and make our portfolio an extension of ourselves. It was a relief to hear from Tim Scarlett, another Associate Principal, that we should not oversell ourselves and that it is okay to show our limits. As students and even architects we are always learning.

Adam also stressed the importance of learning the tools of the trade such as AutoCAD. To conclude the visit, Adam gave us a tour and introduced us to teams working on different projects, such as a new laboratory. He explained how construction documents are made. After visiting the firm and my talk with Adam, I felt like I am on the right track as a student of design, and there is so much in the design world to learn.

I noted the advice of the professionals we spoke with, and this year I hope to become more proficient with my graphic language. I want to remain open minded to new ideas and learning.

I think Wilson Architects is an ideal firm for students starting their career. Their firm is really about teamwork, and I want to remember that when I start working at a firm.

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