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By Steve Marcelin, BArch Candidate is a design site that focus on architectural representation, digital illustration to be more specific. The original idea behind Alex Hogrefe's website was for him to find a way to update his professor on his thesis project. Later that idea changed as he posted more of his work on the blog.

As a design student, I find myself searching for ways to improve my graphics. Following his blog over the years, I have learned a lot. It is one of my personal favorites. The site is broken down into a few sections - Alex's blog, Portfolio Creation, Tutorials, and Gallery.

His blog talks about his conceptional ideas for buildings. Portfolio Creation has info about photo editing for your models, laying out your work, how to add images and linework to your portfolio, and much more. The Tutorials section has step-by-step tutorials to help you build up your Photoshop skills, as well as learn how to better use Kerkythea.
Photo by Alex Hogrefe
One of his posts that was appealing to me is his work on the Cranbrook project. In that project not only could you see the illustrations, but he takes you step by step through the design process for his concept and how he achieved those illustrations. Another thing you might notice about the Cranbook project is graphic consistency--he maintained the same colors and shapes throughout the whole project, which make it easier to understand.

Photo by Alex Hogrefe
Another one of his projects that I find really interesting is the theater project. In his third iteration of the project, he showcases how tweaking the color of a rendering can change the way a client would feel about the project.

The shape of the theater is rather strange to me, maybe because he didn't talk about his concept a lot. Without a full explanation of the concept, his illustration of the theater still made me very excited about the project. It shows the importance of effective graphic representation. The editing that Alex did to the renderings with Topaz ReStyle is what impressed you most about the project.

I have used his techniques and tutorials numerous times at the BAC, especially while taking Artistic Digital Illustration. If you are wondering how to improve you graphics while having fun using software, is for you.