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By Steve Marcelin, B.Arch Candidate

Started in 2008, is a blog directed toward people with passion for art and creative ideas. With nearly 3.2 million people visiting their blog every month it became a place for inspirations, appreciation of art and showcase clever ideas. offers a wide range of topics in their blog posts such as architecture, photography, sculpting and many more.

The blog is updated hourly, and is always full of fresh ideas; which I think is what makes it very successful. In addition to the blog, the site offers a link for people to post their work or other work that inspired them.

Photo by Sacha Golberge
One of the posts featured on the blog that I find amazing is the Grandma’s superhero therapy. Photographer Sacha Golberge decided to cheer up her depressed grandmother by photographing her in a superhero costume. The ninety-one year old holocaust survivor was depressed, but felt empowered after having her picture taken. Never in a million years would I think of photography as a healing tool. The comments on this post were really positive, and it was exciting to read all of them.

Photo from
Another post that fascinated me was the Dynamic Modern super yachts by Zaha Hadid. Zaha Hadid has always been one of my favorite architects. Seeing this project made me reflect that architecture is not only related to buildings and people, but to any form of design. It is amazing seeing her carry the same style that she uses for her buildings onto this boat. As future architects and designers, we should stay true to our design and reflect our signature in everything we produce.
If you ever looking for inspirations or just have some time to kill. I suggest checking out It is always exciting to find out what other artists and designers are doing out there in the world. You might learn something you never knew before.