Blog Pick :: Spoon + Tamago

Blog Pick :: Spoon + Tamago
Re-blog by: Steve Marcelin, BArch Candidate

Spoon and Tamago is a blog that is based out of New York City and Tokyo, Japan. Founded 2007, Spoon and Tamago focuses on what is currently happening and the future of art, architecture, product design, and graphic design in Japan.

The daily posts on the site are a great opportunity to keep the mind fresh and push you to question the boundaries of design. When selecting things to blog about, they focus on significance, relevance, and unique content. Spoon and Tamago is a good way to learn about Japanese culture while having fun with design. In some posts, the reader can see design as a refection of the artist's feelings and needs.

Photos by Dan Whilton for mb
One of their recent posts that I find really appealing is the works of Maiko Takeda. Her work featured gravity defying forms and playful marriage of colors. Instead of just presenting the final product of the design, the blog posts a few pictures of her working out the tectonics of the design. This kind of approach makes the post more engaging for us as designers, and as students.

Image from Misa Funai
Another artist that the blog features is Misa Funai, a 2D and 3D artist who plays with forms of her materials to create landscapes. Her mirror art features animals, plants, and other elements to create a composition that makes me feel like I'm looking at a black and white drawing, but the material gives it more depth.

Image from Spoon and Tamago
Another one of their posts that amazed me is the voice-activated search engine and 3D printer for a school in Tokyo for blind and visually impaired students. The kids can go up to the machine, say what they want to find, the search is then run through yahoo. Once complete, the machine prints out a 3D model of the search made out of plastic. It is amazing that kids that are blind are given the opportunity to touch and feel things and learn and know more about them.

Check it out and get ready to get your mind blown.