Call for Submissions :: Soiled

SOILED is an architectural periodical that makes a mess of the built environment and the politics of space, one issue at a time.

Call For Submissions
Weather Alert: a 100% chance of condensation in SOILED’s next issue.

Cloudscrapers looks up into air-space as a site for occupation, manipulation, and activation. It explores the relationship between the built and the diffuse. Can built objects exercise control in the aerial environment where everything is fluid, inter-connected, and treacherous to hang on to? Possible territories affected include atmosphere adventures, cloud computing, climate modification, zeppelins, and disaster preparedness. All dreamy, nebulous, lofty, floating, ominous, ambiguous, morose, fluffy, explosive, and damp ideas are urged to seek shelter in the upcoming issue. Akin to previous issues of SOILED, Cloudscrapers welcomes ideas that might waft off the printed page and into the physical environment. Batten down the hatches, we’re in for a doozy!

SOILED invites narratives, manifestos, critical essays, infographics, diagrams, mappings, photographs, comics, speculations, and ephemera, among other salient media, in response to the above instigation.

If you'd like to contribute, please review the submission guidelines, posted here. Proposals submitted by December 1st will be reviewed for inclusion.