Competition :: Bay Bridge House

Register by October 13, 2013

The Oakland span of the Bay Bridge is about to be demolished and a piece of the Bay Area history will be gone forever. Bay Bridge House, a community supported project, plans to acquire pieces of the span to create a modern contemporary Eco friendly and self sustaining house and multi-use space.

BBH is holding a design competition between students in school for Design and Architecture to come up with the most unique design of the Bay Bridge House.

The project plans to build one of the most advanced eco sustainable houses to date, using recycled pieces of the bridge as the structure of the building. They are looking for creative out of the box designs that preserves the historic look and some design elements of the Bridge.

Concrete, steel and glass, no wood or plaster as a building material. The designs must utilize as much of the old bay bridge in the design as possible. This includes trusses, steel I-beams, steel girders, steel plates, wires, gates, fencing, ladders, walkways, concrete, and any other parts associated with the bridge. The location of the house will have a view of the New Bay Bridge.

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