Competition :: Hans Christian Andersen House

International ideas competition for a new Hans Christian Andersen House of Fairytales in Odense, Denmark.

Entries must be submitted no later than November 29 2013, and the competition result is scheduled for announcement in late March 2014.

The eternally pertinent stories of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen appeals to people all over the world and are read by children and adults alike. However, the treasure trove of fairytales needs a physical setting that matches the poetry.

That is why Odense City Museums and the City of Odense are now launching an international open ideas competition for a new presentation concept, a new House of Fairytales and a fairytale garden: a new attraction that should welcome people into Andersen’s fairytale world and also serve as a world-class landmark in Odense, the birthplace of the writer. The ideas competition is co-sponsored by the Realdania Foundation.

In launching a large-scale international ideas competition, Odense City Museums and the City of Odense now invite architects, communicators, artists and others to present innovative ideas for an overall concept that can combine the current facilities of the place in a single distinctive attraction.

The new House of Fairytales should unite, continue and develop the experiences currently offered by the museum, while at the same time adding a new layer to ensure that the fairytales will to a greater extent be the gateway to the world of Hans Christian Andersen.

The ideas competition is co-sponsored by the Danish Realdania Foundation. Read more at