Competition :: Mystery Build

Register by October 20, 2013
Awards: $15,000 in cash awards
Entry Fee and Materials Kit: $36

Create a work of art (creative object, construction, experiment, presentation or other concept) using ONLY the materials provided in a Mystery Build Kit - only, before ordering your kit, you don't know what's inside!

Mystery Build is offering $15,000 in cash awards to participants who can create something amazing using only the materials in a Mystery Build Kit, without knowing what they will have to work with.

You can expect to find some common sculpting materials like wood, clay, metal, fiber, and a few surprises. The kits are 12" x 9" x 3" and contain 5 lbs. of materials. All 2013 Mystery Build Kits are identical.

Contest open only to U.S. residents. You can enter individually or as a team, and you can enter as many times as you want.

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