Dedicated Studio Space

In the fall 2013 semester, the following space on campus is dedicated space, and should not be used by students who are not registered for the corresponding course:
-320 Newbury Rooms 012 and 013 - Long Studio
-320 Newbury Rooms 001 and 002 - Design Studies Degree Project
-320 Newbury St Rooms 302 and 303 - Interior Design Degree Project
-100 Mass Ave Thesis Space - Thesis Students
-100 Mass Ave Room M503 - Landscape Architecture Degree Project
-100 Mass Ave Rooms M508 M509 M511 M512 M513 - Architecture Degree Project

Please do not assume that an empty space is not dedicated space. Prior to working in a space on campus, please check the room schedule, posted at the front desk of 320 Newbury St, and also posted on each floor near the elevators. These schedules are updated weekly, or sooner, as needed.

Students are reminded to read and follow the Campus Compact, especially when it comes to their behavior on campus.

As the Campus Compact states, students should "...understand that mutual respect, civility, and ethical behavior are core principles and values at the BAC. This Compact directs each community member to be intentional in considering the spirit of these principles in all interactions with other members or to members of the public. This document is not intended to address comprehensively every aspect of individual behavior. Instead the BAC requests, and expects, that everyone who is a part of the BAC community exercise good judgment, fairness, and logic."