Upcoming Exhibition :: The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley

Miller House // © Millicent Harvey // Work by Dan Kiley
The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley
Thursday November 14, 2013 | Gallery Hours
McCormick Gallery, 320 Newbury Street

Dan Kiley (1912-2004) was one of the most important and influential Modernist landscape architects of the 20th century and worked with equally significant architects, including Eero Saarinen, Louis Kahn and I.M Pei, to create internationally acknowledged design icons.

Following the centennial of his birth in 2012 The Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF) created a traveling photographic exhibition that serves as a retrospective of his life and career, and chronicles the current state of 27 of Kiley's more than 1,000 projects worldwide.

Kiley's design vocabulary, influenced by André Le Nôtre, the 17th century French landscape architect and gardener to King Louis XIV, was often based on grids and allées that could be manipulated to create intimate enclosures and sprawling expanses. The 27 sites featured in the exhibition illustrate the breadth of Kiley's design vocabulary and how his collaborations synthesized architecture and landscape architecture into elegant artistic statements.

The exhibition includes major publicly accessible commissions including the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, MO , which features the arch designed by Eero Saarinen; the Miller House and Garden in Columbus, IN, another collaboration with Saarinen and later Kevin Roche, now owned and operated by the Indianapolis Museum of Art; the Ford Foundation atrium in New York, NY; and the Art Institute of Chicago, South Garden, Chicago, IL.

There are also numerous private residences such as Kenjockety, the Westport, NY country home of the internationally renowned sculptor Joel Shapiro and artist Ellen Phelan, and Patterns, the Delaware home of Gov. and Mrs. Pierre S. "Pete" du Pont.

A full color catalogue accompanies the exhibition with information about each of the sites. There is also a Web site with more extensive essays about each location along with recollections from former colleagues that provide valuable insights and entertaining anecdotes about Kiley's design philosophy and working methods.

To see photos of Dan Kiley's work, click here.