Atelier Makes Improvements to The Loft

With a portion of the excess Student Activity Fee from 2012-2013, Atelier chose to increase the usability of the rear catwalk/bridge between CAS Hall and The Loft.

Marcus Hamblin, Past President worked on a proposal throughout the summer that would increase the number of students who were able to use the space, as well as make the bridge a more social place.

The Loft Bar is a new place for you to pull up with your laptop or tablet, plug in, and work (or even enjoy yourself for a few minutes). Atelier hopes that this new design will maximize and diversify the use of the Loft, as well as continue to strengthen student presence in the space.

The project was funded by Atelier Student Government, supported by the Office of Student Development, and installed by BAC Facilities.

In the current layout, eight students can sit comfortably working, where previously, three oversized tables were often taken over by three students working on projects.

The Facilities department custom fit an Ikea butcher block countertop to the wall, and metal counter stools were purchased from Restoration Hardware.

Next time you are on the second floor, check it out and let Atelier know what you think!