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By Steve Marcelin, BArch Candidate is a website that contains information on most of the existing buildings in Boston. The website lets you search using various criteria such as streets, architects, and neighborhoods.

In addition to that, the website has a multimedia section that has some pretty cool scans of old maps of parts of Boston, and a glossary that defines common architectural elements you might run into.

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I was particularly drawn to the multimedia section because of the plates depicting visuals of old Boston and Brighton. One of my favorite plates is plate 20, Boston Proper 1938 Bromley Atlas. The plate shows a 1938 map of the Back Bay. I was intrigued by how the neighborhood layout looks almost the same now as it did in 1938.

Another feature to the website that I find very valuable is the ability to search the buildings in Boston by architect. By using that search feature, you are able to find buildings by their architect. I think that is valuable knowledge to have as a design student doing research.

As a student, I find this website useful for precedent studies in the Boston area. Whether you are a student or not, I would encourage the use of in your research. It is definitely an exciting way to explore the city and its history.