Competition :: Redesigning the School Lunch Experience

Design in Public, a strategic initiative of AIA Seattle whose mission is to use design to create a healthier and more livable city, has partnered with design firm DLR Group to bring this year's Design Ideas Competition.

The competition, Redesigning the School Lunch Experience, focuses on youth health in K-12 school environments and will generate ideas to transform the "school lunch" to better public health and wellness. Keep in mind that this may not be only about menu. While the nutritional value of the food is critically important, remember that there are other factors contributing to a child’s lunch experience: social, intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological, spatial...

Any creative thinkers who are passionate about solving this problem are welcome to submit proposals, the competition is open internationally to both individuals and teams. Multidisciplinary teams are strongly encouraged. Possibilities include designers, school district staff, educators, nutritionists, architects, engineers, medical professionals, parents, or students.

Think freely and creatively. Analyze the problem. Identify the most important factors. Design your solution.

Proposals will be presented as a 5 page PDF graphic summary and a 60 second video submission. Projects will be judged primarily on how well the proposal addresses the challenge, innovation, and the clarity of presentation. Leveraging of multiple disciplines, simple, and powerful ideas are encouraged. The graphic summary and video will be equally weighted.

Key Dates 2013
November 21 - End of early registration
December 5 - Submittal Deadline
February 2014 - Winners Announced and Winning Entries Exhibited

Registration and Entry Fees
Early Registration
Students - $25
Regular - $50

Standard Registration
Students - $35
Regular - $60

First Place: $4,000
Second Place: $1,000
Honorable Mentions: Up to four awards of $500 each

Please see website for full competition brief including submittal requirements, deadlines, and registration information.