KTISMAjournal Seeking Submissions for Publication

KTISMAjournal is excited to receive submissions for its upcoming issue, Inevitability. Submissions are due by Monday, December 30, 2013 at midnight (PST).

What does it mean to design for inevitability? Change is inevitable yet simultaneously unpredictable. Currently, architecture and design tends to be reactive, as in post-disaster relief efforts. Yet change in style, climate, social orders, politics, and every other parameter of design will persist. How can design presuppose change?

KTISMA is currently accepting design projects, critical articles, and artwork investigating inevitability throughout the field of design.

KTISMA is an independent architecture journal published by graduate and undergraduate students of the School of Architecture and Allied Arts (A&AA) at the University of Oregon. Founded in 2010, KTISMA's objective is to provoke; to awaken a community of peers, colleagues, advisers, administrators, architects, designers, artists, and the myriad of thinkers, innovators, and dreamers that inhabit the tangible and metaphysical spaces of our profession.

Embracing a discourse that encourages the exchange of pragmatic and theoretical ideas, they endeavor to facilitate a larger rhetoric. KTISMA provides a focused forum about environments; how they are imagined, created, presented, interpreted, and inhabited.

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