Spring 2014 :: Travel to Greece with Theories in Architectural Preservation

2013 Greece Trip at The Parthenon // Photos by Jaime Wilson
Theories in Architectural Preservation will investigate a community's desire to preserve, restore, or rebuild its architectural and cultural landscape legacy. An examination of various sites, including Boston's West End, Ward 9 in New Orleans, and several sites in Greece will highlight the interplay of cultural values, technological challenges, and political pressures involved in preservation and renewal projects.

Chris Raichle and Paul Commito sketching at Mycenae
As part of the course, a one-day on-site visit to the West End and a 10-day intensive trip to Greece are required. While in Greece, students will conduct field research at a range of sites, including the Athenian Acropolis, the Venetian fortress at Acrocorinth, the citadel at Mycenae, and the Sanctuary of Zeus at Olympia.

Medieval Fortress on top of Acrocorinth
An additional $2575 fee is required for the trip to Greece. The fee covers airfare to and from Greece, all transportation within the country, all accommodations, entry fees to sites and museums, and all dinners.

This course fulfills workshop and history electives. Interested students should contact Jaime Wilson for further information about the course and the trip.