Blog Pick :: Archinect

Blog Pick :: Archinect
By Greg Sikora, Student Life and Communications Coordinator

Do you Archinect? If not you should really get on that. This is certainly not your average Blog Pick feature. In general Blog picks focus on smaller lesser known blogs but this week we decided to go big and make sure you are connected with a great resource.

What is Archinect?
Mission: The goal of Archinect is to make architecture more connected and open-minded, and bring together designers from around the world to introduce new ideas from all disciplines.

Background: Archinect was initially developed in 1997 by Paul Petrunia. The site has since become a top online destination for progressive-design oriented students, architects, educators, and fans.

The Team: Archinect's direction is driven by the staff and contributors, as pictured below. Archinect's member-based community system allows anyone to participate by registering and contributing. Please contact us if you would like to contribute. We're always open to new perspectives.

Archinect is great because you get an all access pass to what is going on in architecture. The editors gather a fantastic collection of news articles as well as projects that are in the works at firms all across the globe. Want to see what firms are working on? Check out the firm pages. Want to see what other schools' students are up to? Pull up school pages. Looking for a job? Those all get posted to Archinect as well! On top of all that firms and schools all have blogs with fun updates and information.

Another awesome feature of Archinect is the online portfolio you are able to create for yourself. Use their servers to organize your work. Better yet, firms all over are able to see that work!

I promise I am not being paid by Archinect to say this, but you really need to get yourself an Archinect account if you do not already. While you set your account up make sure you have Boston Architectural College under your education section. Why? Because then all the work you post on your portfolio shows up on the BAC page!