Loft Art :: Stop & Sketch Exhibition

Loft Art is pleased to present its newest exhibition, Stop & Sketch, featuring the work of new students who participated in Stop & Sketch at the spring 2014 New Student Orientation. This exhibition is particularly exciting because it is highlighting work by brand new students who have yet to even take courses with the BAC. Stop & Sketch brings a refreshed light to the Loft Art walls, bringing a sense of excitement to current students by reminding them of what it was like to be new to the BAC.

Loft Art, presented by Atelier, invites you to come and see Stop & Sketch in The Loft, located on the second floor of 320 Newbury St. This exhibition is the first time that Loft Art is featuring work done by new students and hopes that it means a great deal not only to the students who created the sketches, but also to the overall BAC community. Loft Art welcomes new and current students to the spring 2014 semester and hopes that you "rock and roll with great design ideas."

Here is a sampling of the great work featured in the Stop & Sketch exhibition.

To see the complete Stop & Sketch exhibition, head up to The Loft on the second floor of 320 Newbury St, or view the pieces on the online album.

If you have sketches, models, paintings, sculptures, creative writings, or any other form of creative design production and you would like to have them as part of a future Loft Art exhibition, please email the Loft Art Curator, Darguin Fortuna, at or for more information.