Moving Your Syllabus to Moodle

The BAC is now using the Moodle Learning Management System to support all courses.  This does NOT mean your course is fully online! It means that, at a minimum, your instructor has posted a syllabus in a Moodle shell for each of your campus-based classes.

To access your course in Moodle, click on the following link: and sign in with the same username and password you use for BAC email, logging into lab machines, and the library resources.  If you have not received or do not remember your username and password, please call IT at 617.585.0191, email them at    or complete the form on the Moodle Login Help Page:

After successfully logging into your Moodle account, your personal homepage will appear.  Look for the section entitled “BAC Courses,” on the left side of your homepage.  This section includes a list of all of the courses in which you are enrolled.  To open a course, click on the course title.  If you need help once you have logged in, click the Moodle Help icon in the top left corner of each Moodle page.  The Moodle Help link will take you to a page that provides phone, chat, and email assistance as well as a searchable library of resources.  This is THE resource for all your Moodle technical questions.

You also have access to the Moodle Resource Center (MRC); you will find it listed in your BAC Courses list.  Here you will find detailed directions on how to do many common activities in Moodle, such as downloading a document, setting up a profile, or posting a comment to a forum.

If your syllabus is not available, please contact your instructor.