Spring 2014 :: Travel to Mexico

Spring 2014 - Travel to Mexico
XDS1000: Advanced Interdisciplinary Studio 1
6 credits, co-enrolled C1 Design Studio and an Liberal Studies/HT course
6 students from all educational programs

Perspectives on Mexican Culture through the work of Luis Barragán
Spring 2014/ Mondays & Thursdays 7:15-10:15PM
Dedicated studio space with lockers, extended access
Travel component: March 14-24, spring break.
Instructor: Luis Montalvo

This six-credit course will study the architecture of Mexican architect Luis Barragán, focusing on his unique capacity to use space to embody and inspire memory and emotion. Course readings and activities will explore the condition of exile and detachment that marked Barragán’s life and work in order to come to a preliminary understanding of the time based relationships that are typical of his masterpieces.

For more information contact Luis.Montalvo@the-bac.edu.