Upcoming Lecture :: Designing for the Post-Carbon Economy: It's Zero or Nothing

Eric Corey Freed, 2010

Designing for the Post-Carbon Economy: It's Zero or Nothing
Eric Corey Freed, LEED AP, Hon. FIGP, Founding Principal of organicARCHITECT
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
5:30PM in Cascieri Hall

Even if every new building were to obtain LEED Platinum certification, it wouldn't reduce our current carbon emissions.  In truth we need to focus on making all buildings be net zero energy, net zero water and net zero carbon, including our existing ones.

The next generation of buildings can't simply continue trying to be "less bad" or make us feel guilty for our lifestyles.  What is needed are living, regenerative buildings that do no harm and repair the damage we've done.  In this talk we will explore new models for how to transform our buildings into living habitats.

Net zero building has come to mean much more than zeroing out the energy use. In order to prepare for our inevitable post-carbon economy, our buildings must offset their energy use, water use and carbon emissions.  We will learn the lessons of nature, science fiction and overcoming fear to build in a radically new way.

By examining the emotional, psychological and financial reasons why we design the way we do, you'll learn a better way to sell your clients on greening their buildings.  We'll uncover specific, bold ideas for how to retrofit new and existing buildings. 

This brand new talk is "bullet-point free" (no boring, text heavy slides used).  Using rich graphics and video, this presentation will expand your imagination and and provide you a list of actions to take into your own community.  Presented by the acclaimed speaker, architect and author of "Green Building for Dummies." 

- Discover how biomimicry (study of nature as designer) can teach us how to transform our built environment;
- Understand new methods to sell these ideas to the entire team;
- Find inspiration for your own designs;- Learn about how to achieve bio-inspired design, solving some of the building industry's most difficult challenges;
- Learn about some incredibly exciting design solutions modeled on designs found in Nature.