A Message from the Dean of Students

A Message from the Dean of Students :: Richard Griswold

Happy Spring 2014: Glad you are all back!

People always think of the BAC as that school that is easy to get into and nearly impossible to complete, so it came as a big surprise that ninety-six percent of all students who were eligible to register for classes in the Spring semester – well they did just that. The BAC staff is left to wonder: what made that happen? Is it expanded access to 320 Newbury Street on evenings and weekends? Is it the 200+ Advising hours and 650+ Learning Resource Center appointments used by students last semester? Was it food during finals or the Gateway program? Is the economy back or do you just like it here too much on Newbury Street to transfer into that Master’s program in Astronomy? What do you think?

I am very interested to see what you think is behind our historic retention numbers, so if you have ideas, please get in touch.

And on the subject of getting in touch – I have been puzzling about how the BAC could more efficiently get news out to the student community, and how the BAC could better show the world what we do here. Greg Sikora, Student Life and Communications Coordinator gave the blog a serious tune-up, and has set up “Student Life” Facebook and Twitter accounts. Next, Greg will turn his attention to the student portal of the BAC website http://the-bac.edu/students.

We are also interested in http://archinect.com/BostonArchitecturalCollege as a place to gather BAC student work and stories for others to see. Watch for several “What’s Your Story” features to bring everybody up to date on the great things that are happening among your colleagues while you are too busy doing studio projects, working, having a life, sleeping, or otherwise living a story of your own.

- Rich