Lecture :: Exploration of Architecture and Sea Level Rise

River Boat Transportation, Dhaka, Bangladesh [Photo by Arlen Stawasz]

Lecture :: Exploration of Architecture and Sea Level Rise
Arlen Stawasz, John Worthington Ames Traveling Fellowship Recipient
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 6 pm
320 Newbury Street, Cascieri Hall, 2nd Floor

With the support of the 2013 John Worthington Ames Scholarship, Arlen Stawasz traveled to the Netherlands and Bangladesh to research sea level rise mitigation strategies.

These two highly populated nations that exist on deltaic landscapes have been consistently battling the water-flow forces of nature for hundreds of years. Both countries face many similar water issues but address them with an entirely different set of resources and solutions.

This presentation will showcase some of the initiatives currently underway or that have been completed in both countries in the realm of preparing for climate change. From these experiences and through his investigations, Arlen will share his research on the political and economic strategies of Dutch and Bengali policies towards sea level rise.

Arlen will also divulge conversations of his interviews with stakeholders, city planners, architects, and flood resilience group organizations planning for sea level rise. He will also talk of his engagements with Dutch and Bengali communities and residents who have lived to see the successes and failures of living with the water.

To see a photo gallery of some of Arlen's fellowship work, click here. To read more about Arlen's fellowship work, see his Tumblr here.