Blog Pick :: How To Architect

Blog Pick :: How To Architect
By Steve Marcelin, Bachelor of Architecture Candidate

Is studying architecture new to you? Are you still getting adjusted to architecture school? Well there is a blog called that could help you get an edge and even develop your own style.

What is it?

How to Architect is a blog created by Doug Patt, an architect, teacher, and author. The goal of the blog is to educate and inspire students and teachers. Doug Patt sought after speakers, lectures, and workshops for students and anyone passionate about architecture. The blog has everything that a person could learn about being an architectural student.

How to Architect is great because it introduces ways of looking at architecture that are similar to the ways you will learn at school. Under the section “want to be an architect” there are fun little tests you can take to test your architectural IQ, your architectural personality, and student resources which delve into more interesting topics.

Another reason why this blog stands out is the YouTube section. Some of the content of the section is how to make a portfolio, understanding architecture, and how to write like an architect. I find myself coincidentally amazed by how to write like an architect. Prior to discovering this blog, I ran into a senior at the BAC who worked in the Practice department who advised me to write using all-caps lettering in my sketchbook and think of lettering as if I was drafting. Looking into it, I discovered that Doug Patt advised the same.

There are probably hundreds of reasons to check out this blog. If I had to list one, I would say the contents are only going to help and inspire you. So if you find yourself in between classes with a few minutes to spare, check out How to Architect and learn little things that you could share with your classmates.