Blog Pick :: Jetson Green

Blog Pick :: Jetson Green
Re-blog by Steve Marcelin , B.Arch Candidate 

What is Jetsongreen?
Mission: Jetson Green aims to enhance living spaces and people's lives with healthy environmental designs such as smart construction, resource conservation green technology, and renewable and efficient energy.
The site creates a community for everyone to learn and address the topics of sustainability and green technology. Jetson Green has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and the Washington Post. It has been labeled by Chris Baskind as the best green building blog on the Internet. In addition to that, Jetson Green offers viewers the opportunity to receive articles via email, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube so they are always up to date about what is happening in the world in relation to sustainability.

Jetson Green is great because it presents everyone with a well rounded approach to the world of green design. Not only is it a great place to come learn about topics such as LEED platinum projects, passive houses, and shipping container design, if you are a designer who focuses on green designs you can submit and have your work featured on their website.

Another cool feature of Jetson Green is the “ how to” section. Most popular green design websites I have visited only describe the projects. Jetson Green goes above and beyond by providing videos and other forms of instructions on how to achieve those fabulous designs and concepts.

As a student I am fascinated by how easy they make it to understand these green and sustainable approaches. If you have some time I suggest checking out The chance of you discovering some fun and new things is out of this world