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By Steve Marcelin BArch Candidate

Are you a design student with appreciation of how important beautiful graphics are? As students, we have come to learn that rendering is essential for communicating the value of a space to clients and the general public. If you are in love with renderings as much as I am you will love

What is RonenBekerman?
Founded in 2005 by Ronen Beckerman, a 3D architectural visualization artist in Israel; is an architectural visualization blog. The goal of the blog is to be a source of learning in all aspects of 3D architectural visualization. The blog gives artists and students alike a chance to learn from the best. Also, Ronen Bokekerman encourages artists to share their work on the blog by publishing their work process, step by step instructions, and the final products.

This blog is great for numerous reasons, but my favorite would be the tool of trade section. That section shows what software is currently popular in architectural visualization. Another great thing about the blog are the tutorials. I know we could learn these software programs in school, but it is always nice to see how other artists are pushing the software to their limitation. For example, the rendering of snow on one of projects on the blog; I was shocked. I was always told that creating snow using Photoshop and rendering software was not possible due to the capacities of the programs.

Another section I find interesting is the challenges on the blog. In this section, artists and students from all over the world compete against each other for chances to win software licenses, cash prizes, and a chance to get their work published, which could lead to potentially getting hired by a firm who is viewing the blog or posting job offers on the blog. It is impressive to see how much life a computer graphic can convey.

I suggest checking out for the fun of it, and while on the blog you might find something you are interested in and choose to pursuit. Whatever the reason ended up being for viewing it, know that could be a great tool for graduate students seeking jobs, students who wish to share their knowledge and have their work displayed.