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By Steve Marcelin B.Arch candidate

Have you ever found yourself searching for a website that has more than just architectural inspirations? I know I have. We are both in luck though thanks to

What is it?

A Boston architect named Michael Noll created Archtoolbox in April 2009. He did so in the hope of sharing his passion for understanding how building elements can be put together to formulate a unified mechanism.

Their mission is to build a community where architects can share and get inform about construction, technology, and procedure in relation to design. For now, Michael states that the website is still in the provide information phase.

Archtoolbox is great because it covers three really big important topics in the world of construction: material and systems, representation, and measurements. For example, the measurement section provides quick conversion between imperial and metric which is important when designing outside of the United States. In addition, the representation section of the website gives abbreviated understanding of concepts such as architectural acoustics.

Another reason why you might like this website is the architecture book section. This section is divided into many different categories that cover the various aspects of architecture. Archtoolbox does not sell those books themselves because it is not their goal, but they provide them as references that you can use to learn about certain aspects of the field.

 As a design student I truly think of this website as a great resource. Here at the BAC we do an awesome job teaching various aspects of design to our students, but it does not hurt to have an outside reference and could be just that. Check it out!