Competition :: Public Space Invitational

Competition :: Public Space Invitational
Application Deadline - Friday, March 28, 2014 11:59pm EST

Help reimagine public space in Boston.

In Boston, a third of the land is open to the public. You are invite to reimagine that space. How can Boston streets, plazas, sidewalks, street furniture, and public buildings better serve people?

The Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics Streetscape Lab is sourcing ideas from designers, makers, artists, and engineers to improve Boston. We are asking members of our vibrant creative community to submit project ideas to make our public spaces simple, intuitive, and literally awesome. Project ideas can be entirely new creations or a new way of using an existing product. The City will review the submissions and may select up to six ideas total to implement in the following categories:

The Streetscape: sidewalks, streets, medians, plazas, and our other civic front porches. What improvements would you make to space? What is the next iteration of our classic street furniture? Look at the sample locations to get you thinking.

Boston City Hall: rethinking the indoor and outdoor space, signage, improving service delivery and the user experience. These designs may help inform future improvements to the building.

Random Awesome Designs: great ideas that defy classification or location.

Visit the Public Space Invitational website for more information.