Spring Info Session for BAC Study Abroad Program Istanbul 2014


Spring Info Session for BAC Study Abroad Program Istanbul 2014
Friday, March 7, 6:30 pm
Fishbowl, 320 Newbury Street

Richard Griswold and Jovi Cruces, Instructors
Departing Boston on June 29, and return on July 28, 2014

With travel to Istanbul’s important sites plus excursions Edirne, Bursa, Iznik, Eyup, the Belgrade Forest, Prince’s Islands, and an excursion by boat up the Bosphorus.Class Starts at the beginning of the summer semester (Monday, June 2) with travel to Turkey July 1 - July 29. Graduate and undergraduates in all degree programs may be eligible for this individualized program of 6 academic credits including visual studies, history, humanities, advanced studio, workshops, etc. The program is open to a maximum of twelve students.

Total Trip Costs (tuition + travel fee)
Price includes group flight, housing in shared apartments for 28 days in and around Istanbul, plus all excursions (transit, hotels, museum entry fees, etc.) Price does not include food, supplies and spending money. Financial Aid and limited scholarship funds will be available.

Undergraduate Costs: $9,978 (6 credits + travel)
Graduate Costs: $10,590 (6 credits + travel)
*Costs Updated 3-5-2014

For those who are interested, please keep in mind the required dates below:

Before March 10:
- Meet with Rich/ your Advisor/Program Head to determine coursework.
- Meet with Financial Aid as necessary.

Monday, March 10:
- Program Application due (including all required forms necessary for financial aid)
- Contact Richard Griswold for Application form.

Monday, March 24, 7:30 pm:
- Scholarship materials due (essay, portfolio, sketchbook, etc – more info coming)

Friday, March 28:
- Results of scholarship jury

Friday April 4:
- 5pm, $2,000 non-refundable deposit due to the Bursar
- 6:30pm, Mandatory meeting for introductions announcements and paperwork.

Monday, June 2: (First day of summer classes)
- Non-refundable balance for program costs are due to the Bursar by 5 pm. Tuition and fees will be due at time of course registration between April 29 – June 2.

All work for the program will be due on August 5, 2014, one week after arrival back in Boston.