Sunday Projects :: Fishmarket in Aarhus

Sunday Projects :: Fishmarket in Aarhus

Designers: Sofia Tolo and Max Neumeister
Project Location: Aarhus, DK

Sofia Tolo and Max Neumeister are both currently students working on their masters of architecture at Aarhus School of Architecture.

The project intended to investigate the possibility of creating a fish market in Aarhus based on the Danes and their fish habits. We wanted to look at a solution that concerned itself with environmental friendly aquaculture, as well as responsible fish practices in general. Coming to Aarhus as new students, it appeared to us that the town was missing a good place to buy fresh fish. After having a look around town, we found that there are a couple of fish mongers in town, but the availability is poor, and so are the locations. Particularly at the harbor, where the only two fish mongers are hidden away behind the boat marina.  Also relevant is how out of more than 200 restaurants in town, there are only 3 real fish restaurants, and actually going fishing would involve moving across large industrial areas. Denmark is surrounded by water but despite miles of coastline and a strong fishing  industry, Danes are just not that mad about fish. We wanted to investigate why this is, and what could be done to alter the Danes perception of fish...

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