Blog Pick ::

Blog Pick ::
By Steve Marcelin, BArch candidate

Don’t you wish some times that your favorite blog that has all your inspirations and visuals could also have tutorials? With you don’t have to wish anymore because the dreams have become a reality.

What is is a blog that focus on the world of design. The blog is a compilation of visual inspiration and useful tutorials. Most of their tutorials cover popular software that we love to use or are learning to use such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and many others.

Founded in December of 2006 by Fabio Sasso in Brazil, it was supposed to be a backup after an ugly robbery. Later it became an online resource that people from all over the world visited. The blog draws in about three million design enthusiasts a month.

This blog is great because as design students we can explore it for inspirations, learn digital graphics from the tutorials, and if we have a piece of work that we feel is great, we could add it to their collection. In a way, it is awesome because people from all over the world will see your work and show their appreciation for it.

Another reason why this blog might end up being our favorite is the learning section. It is always great when we can find resources that educate us. Browse over the tutorials and you will see tricks and tips that are not necessary related to architecture, but can help make life easier and work flow faster. The learning portions give use the perfect chance to learn from different disciplines within the field of design. For example, seeing how a photographer used Photoshop and realize that the same technique could be applied to architectural renderings. has something for everyone. Whether you are a design enthusiastic, a graphic designer, illustrator, or studying architecture; it will get your attention. So remember to check it out and share it with your friends and post your work or post a tutorial you really like.