Blog Pick ::

Blog Pick ::
By Steve Marcelin, BArch Candidate

This week we are shinning the light on interior design, don’t worry architecture majors, this site could be a valuable resource for you guys too. If you have not ever heard of go find out what it is because this site is awesome. Explore it, bookmark it, and share it.

What is is an online magazine that features interior design and architectural work. If it is interesting and beautiful you are looking for, there is a big chance that you will find it in this magazine. The website is divided into many sections such as interior design, architecture, room design, design elements, books, and others.

The true strength of this magazine is shown by the beautiful pictures on each one of the articles. They are not just inspiration but opportunities to learn. The detail starts to show different ways of exploring system and materiality. Of course we could look at the pictures for just what they are but it is no mistake that every picture on there is trying to expand our minds.

Another reason that makes great is the way the content of the site is organized. Everything under each section is broken down into molecular levels. What do I mean by that is? Nothing is too general here everything gets dissected. For example under the architecture section it is divided into residential, commercial, and world architecture. Not only have they made it easier to navigate the website, but also a person can start to put together elements that formulate certain architecture, and categorize whether it is residential, commercial, or others.

I could assume as design majors we look at a ton of magazines. They are good sources of inspiration. I would suggest adding to your personal collection. Check it out, it is always fun to sit and read magazines that have so many beautiful tectonics.