Earthship Technique Summer Learning Opportunity

Earthship Technique Summer Learning Opportunity

Earthships are “radically sustainable” off-grid structures as seen in the Sundance Award-winning film Garbage Warrior (available on YouTube).

Incorporating recycled materials including used tires, cans and bottles, they maintain comfortable interior temperatures, collect rain for water supply, grow food and treat sewage.

The Ecclesiastes Earthship in Vermont, built by earthship creator Michael Reynolds and his team in 2012, is the first and only “vaulted global" earthship, with both standard earthship elements, unique features and combinations from other earthship designs.

This summer, the Ecclesiastes Project will build an addition to the Ecclesiastes Earthship using earthship and other sustainable building techniques.

Anyone interested in learning these techniques is welcome to participate in the summer build with a time commitment from one day to the entire summer.

For more information, please contact Amit Biswas: or
fellow BAC student, Michael Lafontant:

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