Blog Pick :: Confessions of a Design Geek

Blog Pick :: Confessions of a Design Geek
By Steve Marcelin BArch Candidate

If there is a blog we could all relate to, it is probably Confessions of a Design Geek. It is one of the blogs that is full of beautiful pictures that are all very bright and colorful. One glance at the layout evokes powerful feelings of enthusiasm.

What is Confessions of a Design Geek?

Created by Katie Treggiden, a design enthusiast, the blog was born in April 2010. After talking to one of her friend she was encouraged to start a blog. Just a few weeks after its creation, the blog was nominated for mydeco’s Design Democracy awards. After visiting the blog I could see why this blog is amazing.

Confessions of a Design Geek is great because it offers a new way at addressing interior design. What I mean by that is that it presents us with a more contemporary way of looking at interiors. Emphasis on strong shapes, materiality, beautiful forms, and vibrant colors are part of every object on the blog and are just as beautiful as a piece of work produced by nature. It is evident that this blog glorifies the marriage of art and construction.

As a design student I always encourage the use of blogs like this one to be a source of inspiration and an opportunity to learn. It is from beautiful collections of images such as the ones on Confessions of a Design Geek that allows us to understand the roles that light, shadow, and color play in design. In other words, attention to details, strong color that evokes strong feelings, and materiality can be the deciding factor for a design to achieve its functionality and aesthetics perception.

An addition to the blog that I value a lot is the interview section. Interviews are always the best way to see successful designers share their view on the design world, and gives a chance for them to advise us young designers and understand something we could aspire to.

If you are ever in the loft and have some time to kill check it out. You will most likely find something you like. Share it with a friend and tell them why you appreciate the article you like. You could also find something  on there that could help you with your courses at the BAC.