Blog Pick :: I Like Architecture

Blog Pick :: I Like Architecture
By Steve Marcelin BArch Candidate

Hey students! Get excited because you are about to discover one of the coolest blogs out there. This week I present you I Like Architecture a blog related to Ronen Beckerman. So if you enjoyed the Ronen Beckerman blog, you will possibly like this blog as well.

What is I Like Architecture?

I Like Architecture is a blog that is committed to showcasing beautiful and unique contemporary architecture for people researching for design inspiration. After just a few weeks after its creation in 2004, it was nominated for an award in the U.K. Upon visiting this blog you will learn that the contents there are not restricted to the United Kingdom. It covers the whole world.

There are many reasons why I Like Architecture is great. My personal favorite is the student corner section. It makes this blog stand out that it has a section designated to students. A section where they could share their design achievements and observe what other students are doing. We could see this opportunity as a chance to formulate a design community that shares common interests.

Another reason to like this blog is the architecture videos section. As BAC students we love design lectures, and with this blog we can have as many we want! I could say there are many things that a student can learn by listening to what methods other designers out there are applying and also the role that design plays in shaping of our society and community.

As we get deeper into the good weather of spring, I suggest checking out the more cool section of the blog for some interesting design book recommendations to read. Just like videos, lecture books can be a great source of obtaining and developing design knowledge and a way to learn to engage design of our time.

I Like Architecture is one of those blogs with design students in mind. Every post from the blog, from the articles to the architecture quotes and architecture videos, is valuable knowledge for a design student to have. I suggest checking out this blog if you have some spare time, because it is being consistently updated and there is always something new you can enjoy and learn from.