Blog Pick :: Stuck in Studio

Blog Pick :: Stuck in Studio
By Steve Marcelin BArch Candidate

As the end of the semester draws closer, the thought on everyone's mind, from architecture to interior to BDS majors, is how stuck they are going to be doing studio work. While doing that, remember that you are not in there alone. Check out Stuck in Studio.

What is Stuck in Studio?
Architecture students are always in studio. As a design student, it is expected that you are going to pull all-nighters before your presentation. Stuck in Studio is a way to give students a way to connect with each other; a way to find a job while in school in the case of the BAC and after graduation; and a way to take a break between projects.

Pat McLoughlin, the founder of the website, is an architecture graduate who was having trouble finding work after graduation. While searching for employment he came across numerous tools that at the time were not present to students in design school. He decided to start the website with the idea of helping out students as his focus, and to share the tools he has discover with them.

Stuck in Studio is great because it is geared toward the advancement of architecture students. The resource page is full of goodies that a design student can appreciate such as jobs, competitions, and great articles. As BAC students we know first-hand how important the job search is. It is how we fulfill our Practice requirements. When we come across resource such as this, we have to take advantage.

Another reason this website is great is the blog page section. It offers a wide range of external blogs and links that a student may use to get inspired or formulate a way of attacking a design problem. If I may say, I personally like pictures on the website depicting models made out of chipboard, or the one depicting a studio environment. It is something I can relate to.

You have to love when someone creates websites with us students in mind. Let's take advantage of it while it lasts. I suggest checking out this website if you have some time to kill or just need help from the design community.