Blog Pick :: Wave Avenue

Blog Pick :: Wave Avenue
Re-blog by Steve Marcelin, BArch Candidate

I know this is cheesy perhaps, but people, the wave is here and lets catch it. In other words there is a blog out there that brings everything to us from art, design, and photography, home design, architecture, and interior design. For us this is a goldmine full of inspirations just waiting to get discovered.

What is Wave Avenue?

Wave Avenue is all about finding stunning home design, art, and architecture. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. None of the work on the blog actually belongs to Wave Avenue, but instead is more of a compilation of articles and images showcasing the work of artists and designers found over the internet. Which is very convenient because in a way they did the search for you.

One feature about this blog that we could all appreciate is the submission section. The ability to submit things to a website is always a great opportunity. As designers we must always be ready to impress and try to reach a wider audience. When a website offer a chance to submit our work I always encourage it because it is a chance to get published and show people what we are capable of.

Another great part of this blog is the design section. A few explorations of that particular section and it becomes noticeable that there is a connection of art and design. For example the furniture by Jinil Park break the boundary between sketching, final drawing, and physical production. His furniture looks exactly as if there were quick sketches done of paper. On paper one would question the joint connections and structural stability of producing this exactly as it is.

Wave Avenue has something for everyone. Though this website is not a tutorial website, I believe that many things can be learned from the inspirational images on it. It is a great idea to stay informed about the world of art and design and this blog helps us do just that. In conclusion, I suggest checking it out, and tell a friend!