Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Community Practice :: Temporary Installations

Community Practice :: Temporary Installations

Community Practice students have transformed the spaces in and around the BAC Campus with temporary installations, interventions, and speculative reconfigurations.

Students, staff, and visitors are welcome to visit the site of each exhibit, which may be complete or in various stages of construction. Feedback is welcome – email your questions or comments to

Sites and Teams:
  1. 320 Newbury Street Entry  [Teams:  Small Design, Darwin Design + Build, Atypical Design, I.C.E.]
  2. 320 Newbury Stairs/Practice Department  [Teams:  4 Guys 1 Girl, re:Create, Candela, building bonobos]
  3. Loft/Casc. Hall/2nd Floor  [Teams:  In A Nutshell, inq bloq, Re:Cast, EDUK-T]
  4. Basement/Gallery/Advising  [Teams:  The Transformers, 320design, 45° Studio, GreenBean]
  5. 320 Newbury, 4th/5th Floors/Mass Ave/Beyond  [Teams:  JEM_PAC, Helix, Lotus, MBD3]

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