Fall 2014 MBTA T-Pass Program

Fall 2014 MBTA T-Pass Program
Discounted Semester T-Passes

Discounted MBTA T-Passes are available to current BAC students on a semester basis. There are several options available and students save 11% off the MBTA's monthly fare prices. Students must pre-pay for the entire semester and order by mid-December for the spring semester and by the end of July for the fall semester.

The deadline for the fall 2014 semester pass is Monday, July 28, 2014 by 9am sharp. Due to deadlines set by the MBTA passes may not be ordered after this date.

To participate in the T-Pass program students must print and fill out the T-Pass Order Form and give it to the Student Life and Communications Coordinator, Greg Sikora, before the deadline. Student Life is located on the first floor of 320 Newbury Street in room 201. Forms may also be mailed to the following address:

Greg Sikora
Student Life and Communications Coordinator
320 Newbury Street, Rm 102
Boston, MA 02115

Payments may be made via credit card or personal check made out to "Boston Architectural College." Cash is not an acceptable means of payment.

Go to the Student Life MBTA T-Pass Program page for more information and to download the T-Pass Order Form.