Blog Pick :: BUILD

Blog Pick :: BUILD
By Steve Marcelin, BArch Candidate

This week I bring you BUILD, a blog that focus on the expansion of modern design in the Northwest. One quick look through the blog and you will find something you can relate to.

What is BUILD?
BUILD concentrates on two sections of architecture: commercial and residential. While posting these great articles, they try to focus on their core values of respect, integrity, responsibility, innovation, and contribution. Their overall goal is to enhance the advancement and enjoyment of present and future community through design and the built form.

One of the greatest things about this blog is the visual contents, which is also what I think sets this blog apart from many others. The visual contents showcase the work process. It is not just simply pretty pictures, but screen shots of CAD drawings in progress, pictures of construction sites, and many more stages. As design students we can certainly appreciate and relate more to the posts and articles by just viewing these sorts of images.

Another aspect that makes this blog great are the graphics. Cast the photographs aside for a minute because they only reflect the beauty of an existing architecture. The renderings and diagrams are precisely clear, magical, and beautiful and are something to aspire to. A person could easily derive the tectonic ideas behind each project just by looking at the images and also the classification of them make it easy to navigate the blog. 

BUILD has something for everybody. Art, photography, architecture, and interiors, just name it they have it. If you have some free time now, or maybe over the approaching vacation, just check it out. I promise it will be informative.