Blog Pick :: Core77

Blog Pick :: Core77
By Steve Marcelin BArch Candidate 

This week we have an amazing website for you. I present to you all Core77, an industrial design magazine and online resource. Core77 provides a meeting ground for designers and enthusiasts alike by producing design competitions, lecture series, parties, and discussion.

Core 77 is great because it presents itself as something more than the average magazine.  This may not directly relate to architecture or any other forms of design we practice at the BAC, but in many ways it is still useful. We might particularly find the job and portfolios section really helpful. It gives us the chance to see what positions are available in our area and an opportunity to look at some of the professional portfolios out there and learn from them.

Another aspect of core77 we could all appreciate is the design school section. That section was clearly created for us students. Looking for advice or articles on how to setup you portfolio? How to go about applying for an internship?  Whatever the question is, this section will have the answers. While browsing please feel free to explore the discussion pages of the online magazine. It is always enlightening to read about what problems the designers of our time face and what their solutions are.

As we are getting close to the end of the semester, we are reminded that design school is fun, time consuming, and can get hard sometimes. Remember you are not alone in there. You have your friends and also Core77 and many other resources at you disposal. Check it out and good luck with your finals.