Online Summer Course Offerings

Online Summer Course Offerings

Not Going to be in Boston this Summer? Still want to take BAC Summer Courses? Check out these online offerings!

Take advantage of the tuition discount this summer, regardless of your location!

Current Course offerings are:

AS7202 Ideas & Design:MA Lecture A 3.00crd
HTC2003 Contemporary Architecture Lecture 1Z 3.00crd
HT115 Arch History A           Lecture A 3.00crd
HT120 Arch History B               Lecture A 3.00crd
HT7115 Arch History A-MA        Lecture A 3.00crd
HT7120 Arch History B-MA     Lecture A 3.00crd
SSH1099 Ind Study Seminar Lecture A 3.00crd
SUS2007 Sus Dsgn Thnkng Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
SUS2028 Enrgy Mdlng Bldg Dsg Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
SUS2030 Mat’ls,Resources,IEQ Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
SUS2035 Sus Communities Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
SUS2044 Permaculture: Regen Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
TM428 GP: Energy & Air Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
TM570 Envi Systems I: HVAC Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
TM7428 GP: Energy & Air Qua Lecture 1Z 1.50crd
TM7570 Envi Systems I:HVAC Lecture 1Z 1.50crd

Summer Registration is happening online through Self-Service now! Courses begin on June 2, 2014.
More information about Summer Registration can be found in our previous post!