Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bike Law :: What to do when cars attack

Bike Law :: What to do when cars attack

Here is a great article form the Boston Cyclists Union on what to do if while biking, you get hit by a car.

Get the information:
  • Ask to see the driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations of the drivers of all motor vehicles involved in the accident.
  • Write down their names, addresses and driver’s license numbers.
  • Obtain the names of their auto insurance companies from their vehicle registrations.
  • Look for witnesses to the accident, and ask them for their names, addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Write down or take notice of any injuries suffered by you or other people on the scene.
  • If you are unable to gather the information above due to an injury, you can politely ask the officer to confirm that he or she will do so for you.

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