Competition :: UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition

Competition :: UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition
Registration Deadline - Monday, June 30, 2014

2014 marks the third edition of UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition in Architectural Design. As the exclusive annual international student competition in Mainland China sponsored by UIA (Union International des Architectes), HYP Cup competition has provided a platform for architectural schools and students from different countries to exchange ideas on current architecture issues in relation to environment, specific sites, and urban spaces. With its challenging topics, professional committee and jury as well as thorough organizing, HYP Cup competition has attracted students from all different countries to actively participate, and become one of the largest and most professional student competitions. Its influence and outreach has rised significantly throughout the globe.

The competition of this year continues to focus on the theme of “Architecture in Transformation” with the topic “Unexpected City” decided by Daniel Libeskind, Chairman of the jury.  Daniel Libeskind elaborates the topic as follows:
We know the digital city, the sustainable city, and the smart city. But city in transition is also about the unexpected city, like the unexpected creative city, the unexpected social city, the unexpected public space that a city can have, the unexpected city of art, the unexpected social and cultural encounters that a city can give us. So I think the “Unexpected City” is also the city in transition and the city of future. It’s about everything which is not what I expected. It’s about everything which is not on the agenda but will become our agenda because of the creative process.

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